About Ppa.trovethailand.com

With the belief that the service brings explosive success to customers, Ppa.trovethailand.com is currently a unit operating in consulting, design and branding with experience in implementing 120 projects for more than 100 client. The company is confident in creating a brand, bringing the most suitable creative graphic solution to help customers express the core values of the business, connect the world, and develop together.

With its highly qualified and experienced team, Malu is always committed to bringing the best quality products and services to customers. Using our enthusiasm, bringing products that contribute to the successful branding of customers is the happiness of Ppa.trovethailand.com team.

Brand Vision
With pioneering aspirations, creativity and enthusiasm, Ppa.trovethailand.com’s goal is to become one of the leading agencies in Vietnam in the field of graphic design. Malu believes in creating international-class Vietnamese brands that express the wisdom and identity of young Vietnamese people.


Brand Mission
Actively contribute to the brand development of the business.

Building an ideal working environment, focusing on human development to improve the quality of life for employees, thereby creating a quality human resource, providing the best design solutions for customers. and make a positive contribution to the community.

Core Values
Quality is committed to implementing projects and products with good quality and high aesthetics. Constantly anticipating new design trends, considering quality as a springboard to increase competitiveness and an element of corporate culture.

Personalize the right person (target customer), right time (product demand), right content (content), right form (design and communication channels).

Professional staff team of professional, creative, enthusiastic – good expertise.

Solidarity builds a spirit of solidarity, healthy cooperation, willingness to share among company members as well as partners.

Ppa.trovethailand.com logo meaning

This symbol is known as “Eye of Ra” (roughly translated: The Eye of Ra) or “The All seeing Eye” (roughly translated: The eye can see through everything), has the meaning of luck, prosperity, wisdom and protection.

The infinity symbol represents infinity, without boundaries. Everything is infinite, a symbol of the parallel universe and reality.

Black Hole
Black Hole – A mysterious being, a region of space-time with a strong gravitational pull.

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Our team
is your team
We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.